A year in review

Well, has it really been over a year since I published a post?  Talk about the death of a blog, or as I like to think of it, the birth of a very busy and happy life.  I'm not sure if I am going to keep up the blog or not.  I'm just finished with a week of vacation, so I'm feeling relaxed, but it does take time to compose the posts and I just find that I want to spend my time differently.  I'm also not reading blogs as often as I used to, so I'm less inspired to post then I have been.

Despite that, I've done about a million things worthy of posting.  So here it is a year in review.

We bought a new (3rd) house - crazy I know, but this one is home - finally!

New house = lot's of crafts, many inspired by pinterest.
This stuff...

...became this lamp (we painted the table too, and the coasters are from here)
New house = lot's of weekends spent furniture shopping.

my favorite is this dining room set we put together from 3 different antique stores.

New house = my own sewing/craft room =  a wintertime flurry of sewing bags and pouches (and pillows and curtains).
Tote bags - pattern made up based on the classic LLBean boat and tote.

Pillows for our couch.
 I might have gone a little mad with the triangle pouches based on this tutorial.

I started (and completed) my 2nd full year at the new university.

2nd year of job = full teaching load, hosting a visiting scholar, serving on a search committee, becoming faculty adviser of a club sport, and just a general a flurry of activity.  No pictures of this, but it was busy and fun, with a touch of stress sprinkling the whole thing.

I started running.  I did the couch to 5k plan, which in my case took ~16 weeks and only got me to a very slow 2k.  My goal is to run our University's Family Weekend 5k Fun Run at the end of September.  It's been averaging 100 degrees here, so "training" is slow going.
I do like the nike+ thing on my ipod nano.

I knit a little bit here and there.
Monarch Shawl

Pillar Socks


Making Waves

I bought a new camera, hence the ability to run around and take pictures this morning. So far I'm really happy with it. 

I went to the Olympics. No, seriously, I was there to see preliminary rounds of beach volleyball, boxing, field hockey, basketball, indoor volleyball, and weighlifting, thanks to a very awesome best friend who scored tickets over a year ago.  This was phenomenal and worthy of a whole post or more. Maybe once I sort through the 600+ pictures I took with the new camera that will happen.
The orbit at night

I'm taking a few more days of a staycation/writing retreat to counter the big burnout I was feeling before I left.

We start a new semester in two weeks. I'm thinking about putting in my tenure files at the end of this academic year, so it may be another year before I post again :)


Christine Russell said...

Thanks for the update, April! So nice to see that you and Mark are moving forward and settling in to your new and final home! Paul and I are hoping for the best for you both. If you ever make it up to the Boston area, let us know as we'd love to get together!

Unknown said...

So glad I passed by the blog! Looks fantastic. Glad things are going well for you and Mark. Miss you guys!